R4 LED Super Whirlwind


Control channel: 5/10 DMX 512 channels
Control mode: DMX512, master/slave, sound control and auto
Voltage: AC 90~240 V, 50~60 Hz
LED: 116 pieces 5.0*5.0 LED
LED life span: 100000 hours
Total power: 100W
Device Function:
Device software: software programs and hardware modules are independently researched and developed, adopting high-tech constant current circuit boards, 24V for the voltage, strong anti-interference ability. All PCB components being selected by domestic and international first-class brand to ensure that each electronic component can be long-term and stable working.
Device rotation: high-speed mute motor, device running noise is in line with any places. Motor running with clockwise rotation, DMX off-line power for restoring and maintaining the position, accidental accident can automatically unlock correction, with a strong enough anti-interference ability.
Strobe: the frequency up to 18 times per second
Power supply quality: using high-tech constant current power board, the total power of 100W, PFC power factor compensation, power fluctuations in the (± 5W) environment can work, all PCB components being selected by domestic and international first-class brand, AC for voltage mode , output voltage stability, long working life, powerful anti-interference ability
Fan effect: using six groups of blades, 6 groups of full-color LED changing, coupled with LED brightness rotation with very shocked effects
Device face effect: using eight groups of LED light bar composed of color changes, with outstanding effect
Combination: can be combined into overlapping screen mode to form a group of whirlwind screen, behind the device with fast easy to buckle lock
Handle design: both ends with a hand-held handle, easy to move
Ground setting: in accordance with international ground wiring standards, better improving the safety and stability of the device performance
Filter protection: high-quality power filter within the device, isolated power grid interference on the device to ensure the stability
Device wire: power wire and signal wire both using cold antifreeze material, in line with CE 20 / 22 standards
Power interface: with power in and power out 1 square power wire
Signal interface: with signal in and signal out three-pin signal wire
Signal transmission: international DMX 512 signal
Insurance block: Taiwan high quality insurance block, the international standard T-fuse
Cooling parameters: using new high quality aluminum for cooling, so that every part of the device can maintain the appropriate temperature working environment, extend the device's life
Sheet metal design: in accordance with international material standards, integration of independent design strength, the use of new high quality aluminum and thick iron to build
Design: using streamlined ABS flame retardant engineering plastics and high strength alloy cold forming core material, beautiful and tough
Device size: 40*40*16 cm
Net weight: 10 kg
Gross weight (carton case): 11 kg

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