A8 Beam 200W


Control channel: 16/20 DMX 512 channels
Control mode: DMX512, master/slave, sound control and auto
Voltage: AC 90~240 V, 50~60 Hz
Lamp: 5R Yodn 189W lamp
Lumens value: 50000 Lux (10 meters)
Lamp life span: 2000 hours
Total power: 480W

Display Function:
2.8 inches, 18 million pixels color LCD touch screen
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, the device menu can be edited in the non-powered state
Comes with gravity sensor, the display can automatically rotate 180 degrees
Display can show lamp life span and device function
Can be directly enter the specified trademark and model
You can edit text conversion for multiple countries
Data transmission fault automatic diagnosis show system
All the functions of the device can be directly clicked on the display settings

Device Function:
Device software: software programs and hardware modules are independently researched and developed, adopting high-tech constant current circuit boards, 28V, 12V for the voltage, strong anti-interference ability. All PCB components being selected by domestic and international first-class brand to ensure that each electronic component can be long-term and stable working.
Device rotation: three-phase Pan / Tilt high-speed mute motor, device running noise is in line with any places
Pan angle: 540°, 16 / 32bit, accuracy 2.45° / step, fine-tuning accuracy 0.018°, rotation time 2.3 seconds
Tilt angle: 270°, 16 / 32bit, precision 2.12° / step, fine-tuning accuracy 0.016°, rotation time 1.8 seconds
Pan / Tilt positioning: using optocoupler positioning and advanced scanning position memory function to make smaller step angle and more accurate positioning. Absolute position memory, DMX off-line power for restoring and maintaining the position, accidental accident can automatically unlock correction, with a strong enough anti-interference ability.
Optical lens: with 120 mm high transmittance diameter, thick and strong beam, very uniform spot, the edge and the center of the brightness gap being not more than 25%, full, sharp and superior light perception
Insulating glass: Taiwan special high-temperature resistant materials, from German high-tech coating technology, making the effect of light insulation and light transmission to be perfect guarantee
Color wheel: using Taiwan special high temperature resistant raw materials, from German high-tech coating technology, multi-layer film by efficient, colorful and full, 14 colors plus white, with half-color effect and rainbow effect, when using any color can be calculated to restore white color effect in the shortest time
Gobo wheel: Taiwan and German technology aluminum plate design, 17 static metal gobos plus white, high-speed rotation, with gobo vibration effect
Strobe: 1 high-temperature resistant aluminum stroboscope, the frequency up to 13 times per second
Electronic focus: full-time linear super-smooth adjustment of focal length, distance and clarity can be adjusted
Beam angle: with 3° light feeling full state
Prism effect: by one group of eight-facet or sixteen-facet prism into rotating prism effect
Frost effect: an independent frost mirror device, the spot being uniform and soft through the electric adjustment
Power supply quality: using high-tech constant current power board, the total power of 480W, PFC power factor compensation, power fluctuations in the (± 50W) environment can work, all PCB components being selected by domestic and international first-class brand, AC for voltage mode , output voltage stability, long working life, powerful anti-interference ability
Ground setting: in accordance with international ground wiring standards, better improving the safety and stability of the device performance
Filter protection: high-quality power filter and the magnetic ring within the device, isolated power grid interference on the device to ensure the stability
Device wire: power wire and signal wire both using cold antifreeze material, in line with CE 20 / 22 standards, the motor wire being selected Teflon wire, lamp wire being using 2 square high temperature resistant all-steel silicone wire
Power switch: Taiwan three-pin high quality power switch
Power interface: Taiwan easy to lock anti-loose dust interface
Signal interface: with two pairs of three-pin / five-pin male and female interfaces
Insurance block: Taiwan high quality insurance block, the international standard T-fuse
Signal transmission: automatic recognition DMX 512 signal, DMX 512 signal priority
Cooling parameters: using new high quality aluminum for cooling, the device base setting up three silent fans, the lamp system setting up three silent fans, built-in thermal protection, the fans automatically track temperature, intelligent speed control, so that every part of the device can maintain the appropriate temperature working environment, extend the device's life
Sheet metal design: in accordance with international material standards, integration of independent design strength, the use of new high quality aluminum to build
Design: own design patent, humanized multiple sets of modular structure, the use of streamlined ABS flame retardant engineering plastics and high strength alloy cold forming core material, beautiful and tough
Protection class: IP20
Device size: 40*34*47 cm
Carton case size: 45.5*42*55 cm (1 unit)
Flight case size: 75*50*69 cm (2 units)
Net weight: 16 kg
Gross weight (carton case): 18 kg
Gross weight (flight case): 45 kg

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