Migu and stars concert
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In November 26th, organized by China Mobile, Chongqing implementation of the "perfect entertainment company and 4G+ - connected world, sing for the future - Guizhou mobile broadband, 4G million million Migu stars concert officially staged.

Concert address is in Guizhou province Guiyang 60 thousand new sports center, the right lighting Sheng's high-end brands AOG for this concert lighting effects play, the right to use AOG A6 for Sheng lighting lamps: 68, by the famous designer Li Yu penned the famous gaffer Bai Jianhua, Taiwan, build Guiyang and the national first-class lamplight effect.
When the voice sounded, when the melody is played, the audience's attention is focused on the big stage, color macro effect superior part of A6 professional stage lighting for a beam of light at around the stage, sometimes with blue and red flames.

Stage professional lighting powerful effect of the effect of the beam at the concert to play incisively and vividly, the flame effect, rainbow effect, gorgeous pattern effect, etc., to bring the audience a general visual experience.

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