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In 2016 the party's Day is July 1st, Wednesday. The 16th day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar day.
China after the Communist Party was founded in July 1921 and raised no anniversary immediately, but in May 1938, comrade Mao Zedong said in "on protracted war": "in July 1st this year, Chinese is the seventeen anniversary of the founding of the Communist party". This is the first time explicitly put forward the founding anniversary of the July 1st.
So in 2016 71 the party's Day is the 95. The right lighting Sheng pleasure, our products can appear in front of the TV, shining every actor on the stage, shining with the glory!

Lighting: 350W (17R) light beam
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In 2016 the party's Day is China party for ninety-fourth years. Can not help but sigh with emotion, and a hundred years to come. I think, in junior high school, learned politics, history books have taught us the origin and year festival. In fact, we should all remember these Chinese festivals, this is our witness to the development of china.

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