AOG Shine - Fujian province "hot" variety video starting ceremony Hall
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The afternoon of August 28th, "hot" variety video hall boot ceremony held in Xiamen Longshan fashion center. This program by the Xiamen radio and television group broadcast music broadcast, Chen Yu (Xiamen) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly organized, Pei Cen Cen Innovation Agency, Longshan Cultural Creative Park guide. Invited the media bureau deputy inspector leaves detailed, Xiamen music radio director Fu Wei, Longshan culture creative industry limited company chairman Zhang Hongxun, Chen Yu (Xiamen) culture dissemination limited company co-founder Liu Chengliang and cooperative units on behalf of other guests, and hundreds of fans, to witness the "boot hall" video spicy variety.
It is understood that the "hot" is the original Xiamen Music Hall (FM90.9) broadcast a show, hosted by John Su Jing, such as partner, launched six years by the Xiamen audience favorite, with many fans. The opening of a variety of video programs, is on the original radio program to upgrade, for the fans to offer funny funny variety show, which is the first Taiwanese local variety show.

"Today, the traditional media generally faced with the challenge of new media," hot "variety video is broadcast Hall of transformation of innovation, it not only has a good mass base, and in the Longshan cultural and creative park cooperation, can also incorporate more cultural factors, future development worth the wait, the new board is in support of this project." The new bureau deputy inspector leaves detailed said in a speech.

"Hot hall" variety video creative team debut [Jie brother good shuaio, seventh from left]

Xiamen music radio and Yu Chen (Xiamen) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. signed and authorized
The boot ceremony, such as for John, Su Jing fans brought a song, dance, drama, active atmosphere, at the same time, the anchor arrangements meeting, let the audience with two anchor close interaction, set off a boom.

Wish "hot hall" programs became popular, the right to enter Sheng culture.

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